We've been working to alleviate the suffering caused by COVID-19.

Together, as a community, we can tide over these tough times.

Lend us your support so that no one has to go hungry.

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‘Facilitating Connections’ in Quarantine in Great Falls

Siblings start charitable initiative during COVID-19 pandemic.

It only took two days of quarantine for Isabel and Nathaniel Mathew of Great Falls to become restless.

After Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced on March 23 that all schools would remain online for the rest of the school semester…

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Our Core Values


We believe in the importance of community and the power of charity. We believe that scarcity of necessities, a life-threatening and crippling issue for millions across the globe, must be addressed. As a society, we need to take a step back to rethink our actions and step up to meet the needs around us. Any donation, no matter the size, could impact and change lives. We believe that our combined generosity could make significant inroads towards creating a better tomorrow.


  • “We feel thrilled to be on the receiving end of the meaningful work “Facilitating connections” is doing. The gap between business and community will be straightened due to their commitment to deliver excess resources to where it can make a difference.”

    Carol Jeliazkov
    Seva Truck Foundation

    “We were really touched to see, especially people so young in the community, getting involved with something like this.”

    Deli Italiano

How we work

Contacting Donors

We contact potential donors for surplus materials such as food, clothes, and sanitary items.

Locating Beneficiaries

We network with friends and organizations to locate beneficiaries who are in need of assistance.

Facilitating Connections

We match donors with beneficiaries so that every contribution goes to someone who needs it.

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