Where it all began

On 23rd March 2020, Governor Northam announced that all schools were to remain closed for the rest of the school year, to effectively combat the novel Coronavirus. Two days into the quarantine, and the reality of the situation sunk in.

As we sat around the dinner table talking about the horrific problems and challenges our community was facing, we thought about the people who were short on essential supplies and had no income because they had lost their jobs. Our conversation quickly led to how we could help as a family.

An idea that surfaced during our discussion was about surplus resources going to waste at restaurants due to the COVID-19 lockdown. We decided to help connect the people who had more with the people who had less. Our discussion continued late into the night as we laid down the mission, vision, and goals for our project. 

We then realized that we could create an organization that endures beyond the COVID-19 crisis. It could help meet the needs of impoverished children through UNICEF, or reduce crime in society through targeted education, or even assist school drop-outs to return to school.

We began asking each other about name suggestions for the organization. One of us asked the other about “the word that meant connecting people starting with letter F” and the other replied “facilitate” and immediately “FacilitatingConnections’ rolled out of the mouth of one of us!

Our discussion that started right after dinner on the 25th continued for about four hours and at around 1 am on Fri, Mar 26th, FacilitatingConnections.org was born officially registering its birth as a domain name! We couldn’t wait for daybreak to call our friends and tell them about the idea.

Make a Big Impact

In the Washington Metropolitan area, 16% of people suffer from extreme poverty. As of 2018, the rates have dropped to 7.6%. Through our passion and commitment, we hope to further decrease this statistic.

Unite Our Society

We facilitate connections with those who are well off to those in need. By doing so, we hope to lessen the gap between the two and bring our community together.         

Serve the Less Fortunate

In the Washington Metropolitan area, there currently is an 11.9% food insecurity rate.  Our goal is to help alleviate some of the challenges people face daily, en route to lowering this statistic.

Our Mission

Facilitate connections between those who have extra and those who need a little more.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves the resources necessary to not only survive, but thrive.

Our Values

Kindness Towards Our Community

We try to spread kindness, in our community, through hard work to comfort the less fortunate.

Generosity with Time and Resources

Through teamwork, our volunteers seek to provide everything we can to decrease the gap between those with surplus and those in need.

Commitment to Our Goal

Through persistence and determination, we hope to make a difference. Every person we help makes our goal worth all the time, money, and effort.


If you or your organization are in need of supplies or resources, contact us for more information.

Get Involved

Get involved in the cause by donating your extra food, resources, or supplies so we can give to those in need.


Become a sponsor by donating money for the well-being of others. Any donation, no matter the amount, is helpful.