*By Caden Ghannam*

It was April 7th, 2020, a week after the mandatory lockdown was placed to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19. The severity of this pandemic had really set in, and I became driven to help as many people suffering due to the shutdown of our economy as possible.

I, then, contacted many non-profit organizations that were helping communities in our region during this pandemic. That’s where I came in contact with Carol Jeliazkov, Program Manager of Sevatruck Foundation. Throughout my encounter with Carol, I got to grasp simply how convicted she was towards supporting families in need, and how frequently she preached the spread of hospitality and charitableness in our community.

Kendall contacted Chick Fil A  who was more than willing to support our mission, in helping families struggling during these unprecedented times, as they donated 20 boxed meals. Along with the generosity of Chick-fil-a, a local ice cream parlor, Great Falls Creamery, that FC member Serena Karam facilitated a relationship with donated two large boxes of fresh bread.

Ecstatic with our progression towards fulfilling our mission goal Nathaniel, Isabel, and I delivered the Chick Fil A meals and bread to the Sevatruck Foundation, on 14th April 2020.

It meant the world to us knowing that we benefited many families on this day and shouldered a little extra stress placed upon these families during these times of crisis. We hope to continue in our pursuit to lowering the food insecurity rate in the metropolitan Washington region, and expect the donation to Sevatruck on the 14th April 2020 to be the first of many donations toward their organization.

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