*By Andrea Karam*

After many hours of researching donors, we finally reached out to Pio Pio Pollo whose response was extremely positive and very willing to help us out on our mission. After visiting the store and speaking to the manager, they offered to do everything they could to help us with finding food for people in need. Within the next few days, we were able to receive a generous donation of uncooked pasta and a large can of corn.

Although we had already done a lot, we always strive for the best and soon with the help of Evan Preta, we set up an advertisement asking for clothing, using the app Nextdoor.  We were overwhelmed with the amount of kind individuals who were able to provide clothes for people in need. One thing we love to witness is the community coming together and pitching in to help others.

We set into action right away with Caled Ghannam, Isabel Mathew, and Nathanial Mathew collecting many of the donations.  Serena Karam and Andrea Karam drove to the location of the organization, Women Giving Back, and gave them all the donations we received.

The volunteers at Women Giving Back were extremely appreciative of the contribution and even displayed their interest in working with us continuously.

Overall, the experience was worth all the time and effort that we spent to aid the less fortunate. The FacilitatingConnections team wants to thank the Pio Pio Pollo for being a donor and for assisting our mission that we will continue to drive throughout COVID- 19 and beyond. 

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