Our Team

We are a group of Langley High School students who want to help facilitate the transfer of necessities from those with excess to those in need. We understand the importance of giving back to the community, and we truly believe that everyone, no matter their age, can help make a difference. We are using our free time, outside of school and other activities, to contact donors and beneficiaries in an effort to build connections and help those less fortunate than us.

Serena Karam

Captain - Team Beneficiary

I volunteer my time to ensure that local beneficiaries have what they need to aid themselves/ others during a time of hardship. I am the captain of the beneficiary team to make certain that we are reaching out to as many beneficiaries as possible.

Evan Preta

Captain - Team Delivery

I have great aspirations towards helping unite and develop our community. As a member of this non-profit, I will work with donors and beneficiaries to find ways we can provide food and necessities for the underprivileged members of society.

Andrea Karam

Captain - Team Donor

Facilitating Connections began as an idea, and with our great efforts, we have turned it into a project that will continue to aid many in need of our service.

Caden Ghannam

Team Beneficiary

I desire to help those in need and make a change in our community. I am contacting many beneficiaries to help further create connections between our community and the less fortunate.

Caled Ghannam

Team Donor

I want to help save families who cannot put food on their plates and do something great for the community. My role as a member of this organization is to contact donors who are willing to support or give to our cause.

Teymur Zavar

Team Delivery

I work with an intent to help others and better our community. As a member of this non-profit, I work with both donors and beneficiaries in order to locate methods where we can provide foods and other necessities for the people in need.

Kendall Ladd

Team Donor

I desire to help those less fortunate and to be closer to my community. I am working with donors to get involved in donating to help those in need.

Miky Kassem

Team Donor

I’m eager to work with the less fortunate and help them through difficult times. I’m working to find donors who are willing to donate and excited to hopefully progress this organization furthermore. 

Erin Kearns

Team Beneficiary

I am very interested in how those with excess, including myself, can help those in need. I am contacting beneficiaries to set up connections between the more and less fortunate. 

Thalia Eid

Team Beneficiary

I help find and contact beneficiaries to create connections between those who have more to give and those who are in need. I hope to aid those in need of food and other necessities to make our community a better place.

Claire Vroom

Team Donor

I strive to give back to the community as well as helping others. I am contacting donors to connect with beneficiaries which will help those who are less fortunate.

Elizabeth Doane

Team Beneficiary

I joined Facilitating Connections because I want to help those in need by contacting beneficiaries to ensure those in need have everything they need.

Founders' Voice

As students from Langley High School, recently given an abundance of free time without school and extracurriculars, we are determined to make an impact on the lives of many by working with our team, businesses, and other organizations to provide the less fortunate with necessary resources.

Our Founders

Isabel Mathew