*By Serena Karam*

After getting FacilitatingConnections up and running for what seems like months, it was finally time to find our first donor. However before that, we needed to make sure that we had a beneficiary in place ready to take our donations.

As the beneficiary captain, I assigned my team to contact different places to see what they were willing to accept. Shortly after assignments were given, one of our teammates, Erin Kerns, gave us the great news that LINK Against Hunger was ready to receive donations.

The FactilitiangConnections team were all eager to find a substantial benefactor to give donations to LINK. I started to call different places all over the DMV to find donors that were willing to help out- little did I know it would be a place so dear to home.

I called the Great Falls Creamery to see if they were willing to give anything. If I’m being honest, I was expecting yet another rejection- but I was pleasantly surprised. The “Creamery” offered to give loaves of bread to help our donation to Link Against Hunger – but that was not the best part.

The manager offered to give us frequent donations to whatever beneficiaries we wanted.

The next day Isabel, Nathaniel, Andrea, and I drove over to the creamery to pick up the items. Along with the bread, our co- founders Isabel and Nathaniel baked brownies to give to LINK. They then went to the LINK warehouse and completed our first donation.

Although this may not seem like a big deal, this was the moment we all realized that this was the start of something great, something that we know will help the community just as we had hoped.

The FacilitatingConnections team wants to thank the Great Falls Creamery for being the first donor and for kick starting our mission that we will continue to drive throughout COVID- 19 and beyond. 

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