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Make the life-changing decision to donate to give thousands of local beneficiaries hope, courage, and much needed support. Your generosity today can have a powerful impact on creating a more equitable and sustainable community for everyone. Every donation makes a difference.

The Power of One


The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unparalleled impact on our community today. Hundreds of people have been deprived of food, many businesses have closed, and numerous people have lost their jobs. Uncertainty about the future and a dire shortage of necessities has compounded the effect of this pandemic. By becoming a sponsor, you can gift these people a sense of security and well-being. Your smallest act could make a world of difference to someone not as fortunate.


How it works

Learn how we use your generous contribution


You donate to the cause

Working with Facilitating Connections is extremely simple. We have designed an easy process for you to donate and become a sponsor.


We locate the beneficiaries

We work with existing organizations and our connections to locate beneficiaries in our community.


We supply their needs

We contact the beneficiaries to understand their needs and then meet them through supplies or financial assistance.


We share stories of the impact

We measure our impact on the community through the stories we post on our website. Every story shows how your contribution has solved problems and made an impact.


We send you regular reports

We like to keep our financial matters transparent. When you become a sponsor, we will send you reports on how we have utilized the funds as part of our financial accountability.


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The Joy Of Giving

In helping FacilitatingConnections:

  • You will be blessed with the opportunity to give back to the community
  • You will help small businesses in this time of need
  • You will help hungry individuals who have nothing to eat
  • You will save countless amounts of food going to waste