Board of Directors

Isabel Mathew


Elizabeth Doane

Team Beneficiary

I joined Facilitating Connections because I want to help those in need by contacting beneficiaries to ensure those in need have everything they need.

Claire Vroom

Team Donor

I strive to give back to the community as well as helping others. I am contacting donors to connect with beneficiaries which will help those who are less fortunate.

Thalia Eid

Team Beneficiary

I help find and contact beneficiaries to create connections between those who have more to give and those who are in need. I hope to aid those in need of food and other necessities to make our community a better place.

Erin Kearns

Team Beneficiary

I am very interested in how those with excess, including myself, can help those in need. I am contacting beneficiaries to set up connections between the more and less fortunate.